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Kojima’s LA Office Opens and Previews MGS: Ground Zeroes

By acharris7706-09-2013

Today Konami officially announced the opening of Kojima Productions LA, and that this studio will be the new home of various games, including the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Kojima said that he "wanted to expand his operations globally" which is why he picked LA as it is where some of the best studios are. So it looks like Kojima is making his presence known in the west as well as the east with Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

They revealed a preview of the motion capture for Stefanie Joosten's character Quiet. Looking at the rendered images put up of Quiet, I have to admit that I quite like the direction that they are taking with the costumes,. Whether it will make it into the game I am unsure. but I sure can hope it does. Let's hope that this time around Kojima will actually release the game on the PC as it will be a shame if Quiet doesn't benefit from the graphical power of the PC on her digital boo...uh, body. Let us know what you think.

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So, wait, does this mean she's going to be *sunglasses* digit-eyes-d

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Well she has some nice digital eyes ;)

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