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Know Your Leaders

By StuntmanLT01-02-2014

Good people at Respawn decided to give as an insight at the setting and characters of Titanfall. This blog post focuses on the Militia, one of the factions in the game, as well as some of its leaders. The information provided is rather thin, describing what basically “The Frontier Militia” is and their structure. Additionally we have some information the playable brigade’s leaders: MacAllan, Bish and Sarah. Enjoy the light reading.

Even though I am VERY excited for Titanfall and the upcoming beta, this blog is quite disappointing. The pictures provided look quite poor and the information given is extremely sparse and...uninformative. It feels more like some of the management (or EA) decided that there is not enough information on the game to keep the hype up and did a quick Factions blog to tick it of the list. Let’s hope that post is just a one off and upcoming blogs won’t shy away from providing high quality pictures along with detailed, in depth posts about the factions and people running them.

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I think this will be an OK game, but server issues on launch would surprise me.

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Wonder if this'll flop such as being another bug ridden mess like the Battlefield 4.