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Knock Knock? Who’s there?

By acharris7721-09-2013

Russian development team Ice-Pick Lodge in 2012 decided to do a Kickstarter project called Knock Knock. The game is set in the woods, where the main protagonist, called only The Lodger, lives alone. While living in the woods is a dangerous prospect, it is twice as hard when you constantly have to protect yourself from supernatural home invaders.

The game sounds a bit like hide-and-seek, where The Lodger must stop the invaders by closing windows or sealing up cracks in the wall. To make this more difficult, you must run around the house to stop the breaches while trying not to be seen by the supernatural invaders and surviving till sunrise. I know what you are all thinking; just hide in a closet till sunrise but this is not going to be the case as the invaders know y7our location, so keeping on the move is going to be essential. The game is looking very promising and has already exceeded initial funding so, as always, let us know below what you think.

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