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Knight Takes Pawn, WarBoss Bites Knight’s Head Off: W40K Regicide

By ElderCub09-09-2015

In case you haven’t noticed we’ve been getting swamped with Warhammer games lately. But the question is; what else is there to do with Warhammer now that nearly every type of game has its Warhammer version now, including: RTS’s, Stealth, 3rd person, Story driven, Empire Building, Mobile games, and at least a dozen different tactical games?

Well the answer is, you go back to one of the oldest and perhaps the most respected strategy game there is; Chess, and you give it the twist it has always needed, Orks, Marines, chainsaws, bolt guns, and plenty of blood and gore.

W40K Regicide is a more than a straight skin for your chess game, you have the option of simply playing chess, or using “Regicide mode” where all your pieces have different skills and abilities too.

Warhamer 40K Regicide was released on the 8th September on Steam, priced at £10.99 (£9.34 with current discount). You can never too much Warhammer.

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