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King's Bounty: Dark Side Announced

By JcDent24-04-2014

King's Bounty is a Russian Heroes-ish game. You hire monsters, explore the world and fight turn- and grid-based battles. Huzzah!


The game series has been quiet for some time. But today we have an announcement! Slated for a summer release and featuring a vampiric Snow White, it‘s King‘s Bounty: Dark Side.

In it, you‘ll be playing as an orc, demoness or vampire. Or, in other words: warrior, paladin and mage respectively. The PR blurb talks about choosing class and race, and then outright equates races with classes. It’s strange, is what I‘m saying.

As for the campaign... the orcs lost a major battle and now the elves are invading, burning everything, desecrating temples, killing babies and acting all orcy. As a famous orc warrior Orc-Baghyr, you‘ll flee the pointy eared hordes and seek refuge. Meanwhile, human knights are invading what I assume is the realm of demons, and you, as the young (and presumably nubile) demoness Neoline will have to fight your way through them. Finally, the castle of a bloodsucker clan is under siege by vampire hunters and one of the undead scions strikes out to seek help. Finally, they all meat at the resting/imprisonment place of an ancient evil, and alliances are made, relics are exchanged and general evil happens.

To be more specific, the game offers a new companion system that makes them different for character classes, new battle companion, new units and abilities, as well as 100 new quests and 15 locations.

And since it‘s a Russian game, atrocious voice acting might also be involved.

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