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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Open to Modding

By Azeebo28-01-2014

After a crazy successful Kickstarter campaign, Warhorse's Kingdom Come: Deliverance is on the right track when it comes to pleasing the masses. What is more, mods have been given the nod of approval by the bigwigs up top. As PC gamers, mods make the world go round, so this is pretty awesome news indeed.

The level of mod support has yet to be confirmed. Kingdom Come will be using the CryEngine, so modding will be relatively simple for those who know how to mod, but without the release of assets and tools onto CryEngine SDK, what you can do is limited. Warhorse have said during an interview with RockPaperShotgun however: "No guarantees now, but it would be a shame not to do it." which does give us some hope.

They also go on to mention their interest in seeing what the community could do with the survival aspects of the game, maybe making something like DayZ which would of course be rather cool.

Whilst this is certainly good news regardless of what Warhorse do, there is always the possibility of the super-modders-fixing-our-game-because-we-could-not-be-bothered-to-do-it syndrome, which Bethesda and Creative Assembly are well known for doing to some extent. Hopefully this wont be the case, but you never know these days.

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