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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Medieval Fighting at its Finest

By drcoolio34524-06-2015

As gamers, most of us know all about fantastical medieval worlds like Thedas in Dragon Age or Nirn in The Elder Scrolls, worlds that are filled with magic, dragons, and legends. Well, Kingdom Come isn't one of those games. Kingdom Come has armor, chivalry, and knights beating the crap out of each other with heavy slabs of steel.

Kingdom Come is a first person open world RPG set in 15th century Europe where traveling companies of knights and warring kingdoms were commonplace. As you might expect from a game with the tagline "Dungeons, no Dragons," realism is huge here, and as such it's being made as a physics-based game where weapons clash, people get pushed back with every strike, and objects and people react differently depending on how you swing. Besides realism, other big features of the game are crafting, questing, using your skills, large civil war battles, and exploring the world (as well as the battlefields presumably) on horseback.

The developers of Kingdom Come showed their game off this year at E3 and did some Q&A with the folks over at RPGamer too, so be sure to watch that video if you're interested in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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