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King Arthur Does Some Turtling

By Kelevandos10-06-2013

Do you like defence RTSs? Does hearing Age of Empires II automatically make you think "Byzantine"? Well, I have some great news for you! Citadels, the fast-approaching release by bitComposer, will let you have a try at building the ultimate, impenetrable fortress, set up its defences and siege resources, and then defend the hell out of it! And all in the Arthurian setting, allowing you to lead either the Knights of the Round Table or Mordred and his allies. With its advances ballistic physics and a variety of available units, Citadels is sure to provide lots of entertainment!

Stay tuned, as a series of "Making-of" vids is soon to be released and in the meantime, have some fresh screenshots, directly from the battlefield!

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