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King Arthur Does Some More Cool Stuff

By Kelevandos24-07-2013

The fourth, and last, video of the Citadels "Making Of" series is here! And in it, the developers tell us a bit more about the interesting features of the game.

First of all, Citadels will implement the Havoc physics engine, allowing for superior realism in terms of ballistics. Elevated units will gain additional shooting range and the projectiles, like boulders, will be able to cause some damage even after hitting their initial target. Just check out the gameplay fragments in the video!

As the game is Arthurian-themed, it would be a shame not to implement the well-known of heroes and villains, wouldn't it? Well, Games Distillery thought about it, introducing a card-based power-up system, which will allow the player to choose a hero card for each campaign mission, each representing a different boost. Also, every mission will feature a number of extra objectives, and fulfilling them all will unlock additional characters to summon! As a fan of in-game unlockables, I can't help being excited about this idea!

According to the bitComposer website, we still have three full days left until the planned release of Citadels. Make sure to check the previous Making Of videos and I hope to see you there on release!

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