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King Arthur Does Some Fortifying

By Kelevandos12-07-2013

As promised last week, Pixel Judge presents you with another "Making Of" video from Citadels, the upcoming RTS game by Games Distillery. In this episode, Juergen Reusswig shows us the details of the core gameplay element – the defenses.

In Citadels, the defense system is based on towers. We erect them in a convenient spot and then connect with walls and gates. While the concept is nothing new and was already present in the genre back in the times of Age of Empires II, the whole system seems much more fluent and customizable, with little tweaks like putting the entrance to the tower exactly where we want it. Classically, the central element of our defense line is the castle, taking form of a 4-tower stronghold, which we can connect to the wall-line just as effectively!

Also, same as with the production infrastructure, defenses have three levels to advance through – wooden, wood + stone and stone (Gondor!). Each of them looks equally astonishing and I must admit I can not help falling more and more in love with the dark-fantasy stylization of Citadels!

Stay tuned for the remaining three videos and check out the previous one , if you haven't already.

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