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King Arthur Does Some Constructing

By Kelevandos05-07-2013

Citadels, a castle-building RTS soon to be released by bitComposer, recently received the first of the promised "Making Of" videos. In it, one of the developers talks about the economy of the game, as well as the construction mechanics.

Citadels appears to be a typical RTS – we get some peasants, who are able to erect buildings and gather resources. There are 4 types of materials for them to get – wood, wheat, stone and iron, each of them further processed to be used in the economy (iron makes swords, wood makes planks etc.). We also get to trade the extra stock for gold (only trading with the computer is shown, no word of player trading), as well as to upgrade the buildings through 3 levels, each one increasing productivity and giving additional options. Actually, this first video does not show anything outstanding about the game, apart maybe from the dark-fantasy-themed graphics, something the genre has been lacking recently. More importantly though, it does appear interesting and the setting is, well, at least intriguing.

We did not get to see the main element of the gameplay in this video, the fortifications and castle building. Worry not though, that is exactly what the second video will be about!

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This...actually looks really good