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King Arthur Does Some Battling

By Kelevandos19-07-2013

In the third video of the Citadels Making Of series, Juergen Reusswig from Games Distillery tells us more about how the studio's upcoming RTS is going to handle the aspect of combat. Do not expect anything new or spectacular though – the developers took the classic approach, dividing units into infantry, archers, cavalry and siege engines. Watching the commentator build barracks, archery range and the stables, I couldn't shake off the feeling I have seen all this before, in Age of Empires II for example. Still, the visual stylization of the title made watching the miniature soldiers satisfying and the only thing I actually regretted was the lack of deeper information on the different tiers of units. There are two more videos to surface before the game releases though, so nothing is lost yet.

This particular video did not appeal to me as much as the preceding two, lacking information that would convince me to try the game out. But remembering the previous ones, I really enjoyed the brand-new 6 minutes of watching the dark-fantasy setting and I strongly encourage you to watch it, too!

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