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Kinect to Invade PC Systems

By Mokman24-05-2013

Well. Apparently some box or another was recently revealed, and there's been a big load of hoo-ha over it, but I daresay we lot weren't fazed much. However, it doesn't seem to have simply stopped at the consoles - Kinect is coming to the PCs. Apparently, it will be named Kinect One, a stupid name I feel, similar to a similarly stupid name I heard recently, and it will be better than its predecessor, which is not a great feat by any means.

According to Ben Kilgore, VP of Microsoft interactive entertainment, a Kinect upgrade to the PCs will be incoming at "some point down the line, yeah." So. Not exactly enthusiastic - but then I guess I have been driven slightly cynical.

From an objective point of view, this is actually quite a good move on the part of Microsoft, and actually an exciting venture for the PC. After all, motion control with Oculus Rift? Sign me up anytime. Let's just hope that it all goes well.


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Posts: 44

I like how they refer to it as an upgrade. To my mind, attaching a Kinect to my PC would be like intentionally infecting it with... oh, I don't know, herpes?

Posts: 267

People making films in SFM will love it. Say what you want about gaming on Kinect, but on Kinect support on PC is good for much much more than just gaming.

Posts: 3290

I never thought I'd say this. But they should put Bill Gates back in charge. He was only out of touch with reality. Whoever's calling the shots now is wilfully ignorant. I'm also actually amazed this hasn't happened already

Posts: 123

Oh dear Mircosoft, oh dear indeed...

Posts: 207

There is a firm 'no LARPing' rule that I hold to, and that extends to video games....so I'll pass on this one.

Posts: 3290

The basic technology could be useful for Doctors and bomb disposal teams. But beyond that, it really is a gimmick

Posts: 351

I am not convinced of the kinect from having one and this continues to look like something uninteresting.