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Killing Floor, Now With More Gore

By Toast09-05-2014

Oh Killing Floor, I have very fond memories of it back in 2009 as an old-school, wave-based co-op game. It had, and still has, a lot going for it with the combination of perks, a huge arsenal, tactics, and a hell of a lot of maps from the developers and the community. Not to mention the seasonal events, waiting for this each year with new content was such a delightful treat! 

To move away from the nostalgia… it’s been 5 years, and a lot has been released and changed, so now what? A new Killing Floor is certainly in order! Introducing Killing Floor 2, the next in the series that aims to have the most advanced gore system, acronym MEAT – Massive Evisceration and Trauma. This time around they also aim to have everything mo-capped, including a lot of death animations for each zed (what Killing Floor calls its ghoulish enemies), weapon usage and reload animations. The budget is no doubt bigger, as evidenced from the very few screens that we’ve been blessed with over at PC Gamer. Compared to the 2009 iteration, it’s looking pretty damn good in the graphical department. 

Other new and tweaked additions are the difficulty modes. We’ll still have the choice of easy and normal, and the more advanced hard, all up to hell on earth for the hardcore team-players. The implications this time around mean with each difficulty increase, the zeds will use different abilities and behave differently, likely to be more cunning and aggressive. And that’s not all; Tripwire is aiming to make the game as mod-friendly as possible with Steam workshop and with its own SDK, so we’ll likely be able to create even more stuff than last time. 

So when do we get our hands on this bad boy? Well there is a Steam Store page right now but no information yet, and the developers seem to be tight lipped on giving a release window. But it was confirmed to making it to early access, so it may actually be out during the summer or fall, but this is purely speculation!

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Posts: 81

Acronym "MEAT" ahahahah

Dying to play this game!

Posts: 1317

Love me some KF, can't wait for the sequel. And the fact that they take inspiration from SoF's GHOUL system is like the bestest news of all time.

Posts: 596

This just made my day!!! AWESOME!