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Kill Monsters In Any FOV You Like!

By MrJenssen09-12-2013

Dead Island was pretty damn entertaining at times. It was also pretty damn frustrating at times. It was rather buggy, and it lacked plenty of features we PC gamers crave. Or rather, the ability to disable plenty of features. Like mouse acceleration, or motion blur. Or adjusting our FOV to bareable levels.

Well, Techland aren't oblivious to our criticism, though you'd think so if you played Dead Island Riptide. In a blog update from Polish developer Techland that seems to have gone by everyone in the media, their upcoming first person dungeon crawler Hellraid is getting adjustable FOV! As the video above shows, you'll be able to slide your FOV to your own heart's desire so long as it's between 40 and 100.

It's frankly quite a shame that we have to applaud developers for implementing FOV sliders in today's industry. Considering how most modern games are multiplatform, made first and foremost for the consoles that you play from your couch and way too rarely adjusted to fit with the smaller PC monitors, it gets tedious more often than not, to have to play through first person games with an FOV of 60 or even 55. A lot of people even get motion sickness because of it.

Still, because it is such a rarity, I suppose applause is in order. Thank you, Techland, for finally starting to see that playing console games on PC is tedious. We want to play PC games on our PCs!

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