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Kickstarting a Dishonored Print Magazine

By siegarettes14-01-2013

Sneaky Bastards, a website dedicated to exclusively analyzing and discussing stealth games, has announced a Kickstarter to fund issue one of Sneaky Bastards: The Stealth Gaming Magazine.

If funded, the first issue will revolve around Arkane's whalepunk first-person sneak 'em up Dishonored, and will include entirely new writing and art made exclusively for the magazine. The magazine will be available in both digital and print formats using a print on demand service that will allow them to create only as many copies as needed while still delivering professional quality results. The magazine will tally 60 pages with exclusive interviews, articles on the game's development and early concepts and critiques and reviews of the game lining the space in between the covers.

It's also worth noting that these Sneaky Bastards are not aiming to make a profit on the production of the magazine, but simply to cover the costs of printing the books and writing the content.

For the full run down, a preview of the proposed book form, and the backer rewards check out their Kickstarter campaign. Stealth games are definitely a loved genre over on the PC side of things, even if they have become increasingly rare in this market. A look into the development and design of last year's big name stealth game could be worth a bit of time, and maybe a bit of money.

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