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Kickstartered Space RTS Limit Theory Gets A Prototype

By Mokman30-04-2013

Space games are making a return in the gaming industry in recent times, a turn of events that we all are grateful for. This phenomenon has been the result of the rise of Kickstarter, spinning dozens of great games out of development limbo, such as Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen, and also including Limit Theory - a space RTS of which the likes has not been seen in a long, long time. And now, with the recent release of its first playable prototype, you can experience the game for yourself.

For the work of one man, it looks pretty incredible, possessing all the classic tropes of an awesome backdrops, imposing spaceships and pretty lasers - it looks like it'll be a blast. Still unsure? Well, check this video out for some gameplay footage.

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Very impressive for a one man team. Seems space games are making a comeback recently.