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Kickstarter Security Breached

By NAG3LT16-02-2014

Kickstarter got hacked on Wednesday and hackers gained access to some of the users’ data. The site administration says that credit card data should be safe, as the full data is not stored on the site. However, usernames, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and encrypted passwords have been accessed by attackers. Due to that, as a necessary precaution, you MUST CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD on Kickstarter as soon as possible. If you use the same password on any other sites, change those as well, preferably to the unique ones. While the password encryption on Kickstarter uses salt and secure bcrypt and SHA-1 methods there is still a risk, especially for weaker passwords. So change them ASAP.


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Posts: 123

Freaking out over this TBH. I love how this happens a mere week after I finally set up my KS account. =-=

Posts: 1548

@Neon exactly!

Posts: 596

I'm getting so fed up of changing my passwords

Posts: 3290

I got the E-mail about it this morning. Standard stuff really, but a rapid response, which is something I always appreciate.

@Jenssen: Pledge a shit? Shit a pledge?

Posts: 1548

Damn, I hate when this happens. I am fond of my passwords.

Posts: 166

Well at least any credit card information didn't get stolen, so this is a small mercy at least.

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The risk on Kickstarter itself depends on how much you need to access on it. They are unlikely to make a pledge in your name, but may take the info from your messages. The people who have created a project may have more to lose. The biggest risk is the password duplications - the info from Kickstarter may then be used to access other accounts you have.

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Kickstarter has actually handled this pretty well.

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So what are they gonna do with the info? Pledge to shit in my name? :p