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Kickstarter Red Goddess

By drcoolio34508-05-2014

Red Goddess, being developed by Yanim Studio in Spain, has started a Kickstarter campaign for their game. 

The title boasts metroidvania-type levels to explore, brawler combat, and an epic story. While not much of the story or combat was shown in the brief trailer, it does show the level warping in reaction to certain events happening and the character using her abilities. We are told that the character is a goddess who is exploring her mind which has manifested as the planet you’re on. 

To best explore the world and fight enemies, you have two elemental forms that you can use: fire and ice. The fire form appears to be faster and better for combat, while the ice form is better suited for avoiding combat and 'possessing' enemies, which seems to be a core mechanic. 

Red Goddess's goal is set at 30,000 USD, but they've already reached the halfway mark after the first day. The Kickstarter campaign will continue until June 6th, so if you plan on snagging yourself a copy, donate by then.

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