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Kickstarter Hosts Battle Worlds: Kronos

By Mokman22-03-2013

KING Art Games has come up with a new game in an old genre, turn-based strategy, one that according to them is making a huge comeback in the current game scene. Whether or not that is indeed true, they have put their eggs into this genre basket, coming up with Battle Worlds: Kronos, a horribly named, but visually appealing game, as far as one can tell from their Kickstarter page.

What is it exactly? Well, being turn-based strategy, it combines the macro-management of base-building and the micro-management of troop commanding, all in the mechanics of turn-based warfare. It features a full-length single player campaign, featuring two sides, each with around 15 hours of gameplay, challenge maps, asynchronous multiplayer and a strong AI. Interested? Well, head on to their page and give a little contribution - they have a target of approximately $120,000, which will apparently fund 1/3 of the game. Keep an eye on this - it may indeed become something worthwhile.

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