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Kickstarter Goal Falls Early

By acharris7718-09-2013

First advertised as Monkey Island in space, Over The Moon's game The Fall has hit the target of $17,000 with 21 days still remaining. Because of this success, the remaining aim for rest of the month is to meet the stretch goals, which will determine what enhancements the game gets. Clearly playing an AI in an unconscious space suit in a mix of Super Metroid and Monkey Island is something people are looking forward to.

By hitting the $17,000 target this will allow Episode 1 of The Fall, with full ambient soundscape, to be released on PC/Mac next year. This game sounds very promising so far. Looking at some of the stretch goals, and what they will unlock, let us hope that the remaining 21 days will be met with success that is...Over The Moon. If you want to help fund this project then click here. I am looking forward to this title, but as always let us know below what you think.

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Damn good!

Oh Riiiich...