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Kickstarter for Hover: Revolt of Gamers

By drcoolio34523-04-2014

Introducing "Hover: Revolt of Gamers," a game with more glowing lights than the 70s and more daredevil jumps than Evel Knievel would be interested in.

"'Hover: Revolt of Gamers' is a parkour game obviously inspired by the pioneer Mirror's Edge but also by the crazy dynamism of Jet Set Radio" states the developer. Parkour, skating, and Hideki Naganuma's music are all included in the game after all. The most notable difference between Hover and those games is that you seem to be a mix of Tony Hawk and Sonic the hedgehog because  you can perform wall jumps, grinds, flips, and other stylish moves to move around a futuristic city setting complete with aliens, robots, and hover-cars.

One member at Midgar Studio said that he is creating the game because as a child he was "deeply marked by Leeloo's fall in The Fifth Element as well as John Anderson's escape riding futuristic vehicles" and went on to say that he always wanted to explore a futuristic city, "who are better to explore the verticality of such as  city other than heroes able to run at full speed, grind on anything, and do huge jumps?" he explained.

Midgar Studio is currently trying to raise money for their game through their Kickstarter campaign which has a little under a month left.

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