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Kickstarter Failure Awakened, Grows More Ambitious

By MrJenssen09-03-2013

There's little that sucks more than seeing a Kickstarter fail to meet its goal. Whether it's something you're dying to see funded, or something you haven't even heard of before, just knowing that a small group of ambitious people who just wanted their piece of the pie, but just couldn't quite get there, despite being a modest goal. It must hurt seeing so many other projects getting overfunded by large margins. People who come to Kickstarter, are often the underdogs. And that's what you do with underdogs. You root for them. A prime example is the recent failure of GPG's Wildman which leaded to layoffs, but ultimately ended up being saved at the last moment.

The latest addition of ambitious video-game developers with a solid idea to not meet their goal is, Phosphor Studios' Project Awakened. It's hard not to overuse the word "ambitious" here, because the project really had potential, as a video game equivalent to The Matrix. Supposedly, you are able to create a completely unique character and play around in a world that "reacts to your imagination". The game has been featured extensively in gaming media, we've covered the game's Kickstarter progress ourselves, but ultimately it seems like their project just didn't fall through with people. Perhaps the idea was just too unique?

Well, the Kickstarter failed. But just like with the Wildman Kickstarter, there's light at the end of the tunnel. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, the developer has been brewing some even more interesting new ideas during the project. Apparently, they won't go the Kickstarter route next time. They'll host the crowd-funding on their own website, and that backers will be "partial owners" to the IP. RPS also did a very informative interview with the devs, where Chip Sineni explains what they mean by "partial owners" below:

"We were going to have players in the closed beta really helping guide the game. Now, if we do this new plan, we will have them playing and helping even sooner, with that demo. That means even more influence on what direction the game takes, what abilities get made, how the tools shape up, what features we enable first, etc. They are becoming more and more a part of the design team."

So basically, "partial owners" means the players will...do exactly like they do in all alpha's and beta's? I'm still confused. Either way, you definitely should check out the interview, as it is more than just developer ass-kissing. Rock Paper Shotgun asks some serious questions and informative answers are given.

Where you one of the hopefuls backing Project Awakened? Or are you one of the super hipsters who knew all about it way before it was Kickstarter cool? Or does the sheer ambition of the project leave you quaking in your ye olde boots? Either way, check out the article and interview over at RPS. Also feel free to check out Phosphor Game Studios' official site for Project Awakened, for some more news on that if you're interested.

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I have to say, I'm actually impressed. Good on them. I hope they make it all work