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Kickstart This Bullet Hell

By BloodyFanGirl31-08-2013

Dylan Goss is a developer that wants to get into the game industry full time and he want do so with a bang. Or a boom, if you will. To make his dream come true he has decided to Kickstart his project, Click Boom Win. He and his studio, Stuffed Rock, are asking for $10,000 to pull the trigger on this bullet hell game. You can check out the pitch video above and the Kickstarter page here.

Stuffed Rock Studio's Kickstarter bio describes Click Boom Win as "a game we want to play, so we're making it". The basic story is detailed on the Kickstarter page as follows:

"You start as Maxwell Brown, a retired war veteran who now works a token security job getting bounced between various space stations that really don't need the protection. When an unexpected attack hits, you're cut off from communication with Earth, leaving you to fend for yourself against the wave of attackers. But when you do restore communication, you face a horrifying truth - you're one of the lucky ones.

Meet Phoenix Squad, a group of Earth's most talented dog fighters. Every single one of them has amazing talent for piloting, and hair trigger reflexes, but it all means nothing as long as the orbital blockade is in place. Ships can barely take off without being vaporized - everyone on earth is trapped on the ground. If you can create an opening for them, if they can lead a small squadron out of the blockade, then maybe there's a chance to fight back."

The game boasts 50 levels of frantic action that will test the most seasoned of player's reflexes along with the promise of even more DLC levels in the future, an 11 page comic conveying the story, a number of game modes as well as co-op multiplayer. It's the studio's first game but they say they "hope it to be the first of many". Give it a look.

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