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Kickstart the Ship: Full Steam Ahead

By siegarettes02-11-2012

Presented in a rather charming Victorian era manner, Blazing Griffin have seen fit to begin a Kickstarter campaign for The Ship: Full Steam Ahead, the sequel to the original multiplayer deception title.

The sequel will take place in a steampunk world, and will have players seeing to their everyday needs while silencing scoping out and hunting their targets. Blazing Griffin have also announced that they will be taking an "open" approach to development, recreating the core gameplay of the original and setting certain goals, but changing the game along with feedback from the community.

Currently, Blazing Griffin have yet to release any additional artwork, screenshots, or gameplay footage. Along with the promise of an open development, there's not a lot here to base a decision on, aside from familiarity with the original. If Blazing Griffin can pull it off it will not doubt be a riot, but until its release, planned for April 2014, it will remain a mystery.

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