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Kickstart City of Titians Project

By acharris7704-10-2013

Last year Paragon Studios closed its doors, and shut down the servers of the City of X games. Even though fans tried to rally around to save the game, unfortunately, it was all too late. So they have now decided to take to Kickstarter for a project called City of Titans, the successor to City of Heroes.

Missing World Media have more than 100 developers within their team, who are working for no money until the game is complete. All the team are putting in whatever free time they have. A fund of $320,000 is required so that they can get software licences and a game engine, and over the past year a prototype has been created on the Unreal Engine.

MMO's are always interesting when on a Kickstarter as after the game is released, you wonder will the servers be subscription based or free? Missing World Media is planning on making it pay once, then play for free. There are also plans for a premium subscriptions and a real money cash shop after launch. It seems that it is an ambitious project, but I hope they can pull it off. Let us know below what you think.

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I miss City of Heroes :/

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