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Kickstart a Cheating Project Today!

By Toast12-02-2014

Last we saw of the amazing Classroom Aquatic it was an actual free Oculus Rift demo that teaches us how to cheat, as a dolphin (or scuba diver exchange student)! But now, a Kickstarter page has appeared and details quite a bit about what they plan next for an actual official commercial release. For starters, they actually want $30,000 minimum pledged towards the project, and it currently stands at $5,802 at the time of writing.

All the usual stuff of special tiered donation bonuses will be accounted for if you're interested, but for more relevant information, the actual planned release is going to include more than the free demo. In fact it's been promised that they'll be releasing something if the funding campaign fails:

"We have big plans for expanding the game: we want to add new game modes, mechanics, environments, characters, and a story that will kraken you up", writes Sunken Places. "But, if we don't reach our goal, we'll polish our demo to a completed state and release that for retail."

So, if have an Oculus Rift and want to support developments from the game then you'll certainly want to pledge even the minimum of $15 for the game and if it doesn't succeed? Like the devs said, we'll get a polished up demo for release, so why not?

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So, this is a thing

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I wish I had oculus rift :(