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Kickbeat Kicks Off on Steam

By Doubleplus08-01-2014

Is there anything rhythm-based gameplay can't be applied to? Sequence combines it and RPGs. Retro/grade combines it with SHUMPs. The Bit.trip series combines it with...well, everything from pong to platformers. Have you ever been playing Street Fighter and said "Wow, if only this had RHYTHM BASED GAMEPLAY, like that game Kickbeat, a game that combines rhythm based gameplay with fighting games. Too bad I only have a PC and can't play it because it's a PS3 game"?

Well then I have good news for you, weird person who talks to themselves about very specific things. Kickbeat is not only coming to Steam on January 20th, but it will have several improvements based off feedback from players from the PS3 release. If you like things such as Advanced Difficulty in Freeplay mode, Beat Your Music mode, which allows you to create custom levels based on your own music, being available earlier in the campaign, and Adjustments made to the difficulty progression, you are sure to be pleased.

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