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Kick Back and Enjoy a Wildstar Flick, also Medics

By CameronW04-12-2013

Wildstar just keeps getting more and more snazzy looking. With creative class ideas, great art design, and an open development process where you feel like the game is actually being made by human beings you could sit and have a conversation with; Carbine Studios is actually managing to make me not grumble and sigh at the premise of paying a monthly fee for an MMO.

As the weeks of beta race by, more and more videos of the classes and mechanics are being cranked out. This week we get a quick look at all the classes, including the newly announced Medic and Engineer, as told by a charming green fellow who can't seem to get a break being a bandit and keeps getting his ass handed to him by everyone. That's not all either! We also get a more in-depth look at the Medic with a new DevSpeak, the Irony of boiling someone's blood as a healer is not lost on me.

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