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Kevin Spacey, Zombie Slayer

By Doubleplus21-01-2015

If online opponents weren't enough to saw in half with bullets in CoD: Advanced Warfare, then hopefully zombies will be.

That's right readers, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is finally dropping its own version of zombies, but they're not just any zombies this time, they're Exo-zombies, ooohhh! Spooky! What the "Exo" entails isn't exactly scientific, but apparently there will be electric zombies, armored zombies, flaming exploding zombies, and probably just about any kind of zombie you can imagine. If that's not enough, you get to do it all while being Kevin Spacey.

Exo-Zombies will be dropping on January 27th for Xbox Live, with other platforms following afterwards as part of the Havoc DLC pack.

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You know, if Rosie McGowen was still a redhead, I might just have gotten this so I could make the lame joke "I was playing with Rosie McGowen last night"