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Kev of Duty

By Bobfish18-05-2013

EA product manager Kevin Flynn has jumped ship and fallen to the Dark side, signing on with the Call of Duty guys at suspiciously convenient timing. What with the big XBOX shindig coming up on the 21st and all. Though calling that the Dark side is like calling a murderer a bad man for punching puppies. Neither company (EA or Activision) could honestly be held up as an ideal of ethical business practice. But I digress.

Mister Flynn, who's most notable recent contributions were the advertising for the launch of Battlefield 3, will be taking on similar duties in his new position. Only now, instead of wowing UK audiences with neat stuff about Battlefield (and other EA IPs) it will be Call of Duty. Other games he will be associated with will be revealed in time, but for now that seems to be his focus. Well, congrats on the new job I guess. I hope it's everything you wanted.

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