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Kerbal Space Program Launches Version 0.18

By siegarettes02-12-2012

Marking the second year of development Kerbal Space Program, the spaceship building and launching simulation game from Squad, has just entered version 0.18, with a host of new features added. Most notably, KSP has now added the SpacePort, an add-on platform that allows you to browse and install add-ons that range from spacecraft to functional new landing airbags.

Additionally, space craft can now be docked together to build space stations, surface bases or huge orbital space craft. The latest version also adds flight planning, resource management and a soundtrack. To commemorate the occasion Squad has released a silly little short video that can be viewed above. Of course if you wanted to watch something a little bit more informative about the actual game, you can check out the gameplay trailer for their previous build over here to give you an idea of the spectacles and disasters you can create.

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