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Kerbal Space Program Gets Educational

By Mokman07-11-2013

Following the huge success of MinecraftEDU, a venture started by CEO Santeri Koivisto in which he persuaded Notch into selling the game at an educational discount to various schools in order for it to be used as a learning tool, it seems that another name has risen up alongside that of Mojang's flagship game. This name is none other than crazed rocket-science simulator Kerbal Space Program. Koivisto's company, TeacherGaming, have decided to work on doing the same thing to Kerbal Space Program as they have done to Minecraft, increasing its availability in schools worldwide and fine-tuning a specific course for it to be used with.

So far, they've managed to get a 'very reasonable price' for KerbalEdu to be implemented within schools, and have made plans to ensure that they would not interfere with Squad's development of the game, stating: "We need the super awesome game as the core. These guys are the ones concentrating on that. We don't want to mess with how the game works, it should be how it is."

Some changes have to be made of course, in the implementation of KerbalEdu, namely in the form of its accessible to all ages, including the very young. As stated by Mike Geelan, one of the developers in Squad working closely with TeacherGaming on this front: "It needs to be accessible for all ages, really. We've got people who are 60 odd playing [Kerbal] and we've got 10 year olds playing it, and everyone seems to really love it. But whether it's accessible for all those age ranges is a different matter. We are slowly trying to close these holes up."

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This is a great idea. Much better suited game than Minecraft for learning and getting people excited about space once again. I am sure that in 20 years time there will be some great rocket scientists that will say that they took that path thanks to KSP.