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Kerbal Space Program’s Post Launch Plans

By Fr33Lanc3r.00710-04-2013

Kerbal Space Program is the space exploration game that was released just under 2 years ago. It's following the Minecraft Model, so it's still in development, with developer Squad giving out regular, free, updates for those who have bought the game - either through their store or through Steam. This has caused a bit of an issue among fans of the game, with one of the developers commenting in their latest Twitch discussion that there was a feature the developers were considering for the main game that was now going to be made into a separate expansion pack, which users would have to pay money for (if you want to listen, the section in particular is between 50:00 and 56:00).

This has caused some outrage from the players who are feeling cheated by this - as the feature in question was one expected to be in the base game - and they took to reddit to voice their complaints. A lot of the debate ranges into trying to define the word 'update', and insisting that the FAQ stating that 'if you buy the game now you won't have to pay for further updates' is a binding claim that includes any new feature or system added to the game - including anything that might be considered a DLC or Expansion Pack. Squad's Community Manager - SkunkMonkey - has been attempting to clarify the company's position, and trying to keep damage to a minimum for much of the past day, with little success.

The argument is out of proportion, petty, and probably shouldn't be happening at all, but I probably should wish that humanity was better in my own time. Let us know what you think (especially if you're someone who has been playing Kerbal Space Program) in the comments.

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