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Kerbal Career Program

By Mokman19-10-2013

Fantastic Space Simulator Kerbal Space Program has reached version 0.22 - it doesn't sound like much but it could very well spell doom for my productivity in the next week or so. Why? Because they have finally added an actual game to the game. Yes, Career Mode is here, starting you off as a near-penniless scientific group with tiny amounts of available parts, quested to perform impossible or at least incredibly difficult missions so as to gain some extra cash. The more cash and points you gain, the more parts become available, until you can finally reach the limits of space exploration.

Now, this may or may not appeal to those who have already settled planets on another solar system, or have created an intergalactic Kerbal empire, as it does make missions with objectives out of projects you may already have accomplished. If so, you may even want to stick with Sandbox Mode. But you'll be missing out, because right now, I can feel the addiction of progression creeping into my soul - the good old mantra of just one more mission.

Goodbye everybody. If anyone wants to join me on this perilous journey, get KSP now on Steam Early Access here.

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