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Keeping up With the Paradoxians

By NAG3LT21-08-2014

Paradox Development Studio had a lot to announce during the Gamescom week. A short showcase of the strategic planning system in Hearts of Iron IV was detailed in a new trailer. Considering the immense amount of separate provinces in the game, having a way to command units at a large scale is important to play at a reasonable pace. Paradox Interactive have also launched a community challenge at the game's website. The more fans sign up, the more rewards will be available to everybody who signs up. If enough people register on the site, 10 random people among those who have recruited 20 friends or more, will receive HoI 4 beta invites. If you are interested in HoI 4, developers are regularly posting new information on their official forum.

Other Paradox grand strategy games are getting new expansions as well. Europa Universalis IV gets Art of War DLC focused on the Thirty Years' War. It will bring new ways to command armies and do diplomacy. Some of the features, including rebel mechanics, province autonomies and others will be included in a free patch for all owners of the game.

Crusader Kings II will receive a Charlemagne DLC. To accommodate one of the most well-known European kings, the starting date will move to the year 769 CE, allowing you to assemble the Holy Roman Empire with the help of the new special events. One of the most interesting additions is the ability to create custom kingdoms and empires in-game. That even includes the flag customisation, so you can change history in even less restricted ways.

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