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Keep Your Dragon Age The Way You Like It

By Fr33Lanc3r.00729-08-2013

Bioware have realised that save files are like pairs of socks in the dryer, the universe decides to whisk them away for the most fickle of reasons. So they've gone and made up a new way for us to import the events of the previous two Dragon Age games into the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dubbed 'the Dragon Age Keep', Keep will allow players to completely customise the world state that Thedas was in by the end of DA2 - the attributes of The Warden and Hawke, Romances, which branches the story took at various points, etc etc - and dumps all of the information into the cloud, allowing you to take your save files to any platform (so those filthy console users can keep their precious saves the easy way I guess).

Additionally, those of you who want to see how other choices would have affected the world as a whole - would it really matter in the long run if Arl Eamon died? Does it matter if Isabella never rejoins Hawke? - without having to play through either of the first two games (unless of course, you want to). It also should fix any of the bugs that occurred with DA2 trying to sort through the 600 odd points of data that every DA:Origins save had thrown on the table.

It's set for a complete release in 2014, but if you're anxious to get a glimpse at just how many decisions there were in the last two Dragon Age titles, you can register for the beta with your Origin account. Let us know if you got in!

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