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Kain Is Deified, The AMDs Tell Tales Of Him

By Bobfish28-05-2013

A cryptic hint at the Legacy of Kain reboot have been found in recent AMD drivers. Specifically for their crossfire service. The words War for Nosgoth and Nosgoth (two separate entries) have been unearthed. Even more telling is the image above. That isn't something that was randomly floating online, or something we cooked up ourselves. That was unearthered in the Steam Database for the entry Nosgoth.

The image, though somewhat stylised, clearly despicts the pillars of Nosgoth. Coupled with Square claiming the domain warfornosgoth.com (though no website currently resides at that address) earlier this year, it seems certain we will be seeing a new/rebooted entry in the series very, very soon. Perhaps a reveal at E3. What do you think? Comments below.

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