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Justified Testing All Weekend

Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta is on again this weekend. So get ready for a whole weekend of multiplayer mayhem, that’s a whole 48 hours of griefing and trolling goodness on the island of Panau. Good news here for those wanting to get a piece of the action is that it seems they have fixed some of the synchronisation issues the mod was having previously. They also added more vehicle spawns in an effort to prevent a lot of vehicle related griefing.

The beta starts “Start Time : SATURDAY! [6PM AEST] [4AM EDT] [1AM PDT] [10AM CET] [8AM GMT]”. So get ready to help unleash the mayhem... Oh and test the mod of course...

Find more info on when, why and how on JC2MP website.

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Posts: 240

Already own this on my Playstation 3 but I got it again during the Summer Sale when I first heard about this. Haven't installed it yet but it looks great. Hope it encourages the developers to include a multiplayer in Just Cause 3 now that they've seen the potential.

Posts: 241

Yes! I got JC2 in the Steam sale with the intention of trying this mod :D