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Just Think About It, Son!

By Kelevandos14-05-2013

Do you remember Son of Nor, a game we wrote about some time ago? Well, with 15 days to go on their Kickstarter and over 1/3 of the cash collected the guys from Stillalive do not stop, introducing new ideas into the game. Their latest addition is really something, spelled with a capital S!

You have probably never heard of Emotiv EPOC. It is a technology which lets one transfer brainwaves into a digital data, and in short - allows you to perform some basic actions in games! On the video, one of Son of Nor's devs shows us how the device allows him to control magic in the game and it looks really great, apart from the fireball part which seems fake'ish. Anyway, if it is really possible to implement something like this into gaming, just think about a combo of Oculus Rift, Kinect, Emotiv EPOC and Valve's sweat pods! Why workout, why meet your friends, why live?! If you can have a fully bio-responsive game with telekinesis!

Also, a $300 backing tier called "Immersive Edition" has been added to the Kickstarter campaign, which is basically a bundle of the game + EPOC device sent to you on release! Now the power of telekinesis is within your reach!

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