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Just Cause You Wanted It

By Doubleplus12-11-2014

Just Cause 2: Probably one of the greatest sandbox games ever made, in my opinion. Here you have a game that has an absolutely giant map with plenty of things you could do in it, which also gives you a magic grappling hook that allowed you to soar through the air, latch onto vehicles, latch pedestrians onto vehicles, latch vehicles onto vehicles, latch vehicles to explosives, latch enemy soldiers onto airplanes and take them for a ride, latch yourself to a propane tank and send it flying taking you for a ride... The possibilities were near endless. It even got an insane multiplayer mod.

Those of you who loved JC2 as much as I did, you will be happy to hear that, adorning the cover of the December issue of Game Informer magazine, was the announcement of Just Cause 3 coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Sega Dreamcast (Okay, maybe not that last one.) They also announced that it will not have microtransactions, so rest easy everyone.

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