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Just Cause 3 is Looking Very Colorful

By Doubleplus03-02-2015

It's a bit of a stretch to say that EVERY game is all brown and bloom, but at best, modern games can be fairly drab. I am a sucker for games that are outright colorful and no I don't mean like Sunset Overdrive where it vomits a clusterfuck of color in your face in an effort to say "We aren't like THOSE games."

What I mean are games that are outright vibrant and from the looks of these new Just Cause 3 screenshots, "vibrant" is just the word you would use to describe them. They showcase pretty much what you'd expect from the sequel to Just Cause 2: high action, tons of explosions, midair grapple hijackings and WAIT A MINUTE HOLD THE GODDAMNED PHONE IS THAT A WINGSUIT?

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Yes that is, indeed, a wingsuit.

Well then.