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Just Cause 3 - A Better Storyline

By McKaby02-11-2015

So, Rico, how do you want to retake your home from a despotic leader eh?

Well, that sums it up there, a nice video from the dev's about Just Cause 3, a storyline that is more about planning, striking only one target and using slingshot cows as impromptu artillery than just destroying everything.

Rico has returned to Medici to liberate it from a despot, against orders mind you, but it's his home and truly this requires a well written story. Along with a guy who thinks himself important but just wears a really bad pink shirt.

We do get to hear about the new AI written for the game, allowing better reaction to firefights going off some people will ignore it, others will run and some may grab a gun and help you out, remember, this is a rebellion, not a leisurely drive on a nice Mediterranean Island.

We get to see the military leader (aka: despot in charge) Di Ravello who wants to use a mineral that is in higher concentration on Medici to well, in the classic villain style, take over the world.  Along with some great views of the level of detail on Di Ravello, and also that this was not just a bit of VO, it ended up going to full performance capture.

Just Cause 3 is out 1st December 2015, and is on Steam for £39.99 base, with XL version being £59.99, and there is currently 10% off if you pre-purchase.

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