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Just Cause 2 MP Gets Faction Wars

By MrJenssen02-06-2013

Did you really think it was enough to just have a multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2? Well if you were one of those people, then I am sorry to announce that the mod will get an enormous new mode that will dwarf anything DICE or any of their competitors have ever made. If you played Just Cause 2's single player campaign, you already know that the island group of Panau is enormous, and that there are well over 350 military bases scattered around the vast world. The goal of this new mode, is to put teams of hundreds of players against each other, in an all-out war over these military installations. Once they are taken over, the idea is to reward the team with new weapons and vehicles. Think of it as a sort of PlanetSide 2, except there's no microtransactions, and it's way more fun. Sounds like fun? Of course it's fun.

In case you shouldn't believe me - in case you think I just woke up from a wicked sick dream I had last night that I just felt like sharing with you all and then laugh as I see your disappointed faces when you realize that it wasn't all just a dream - here is the proof. Well, it's not proof of the project being possible to complete. But it's at least proof that someone's certainly working on making it a reality right now.

Now, if only someone could make a Co-Op mod for this damn game...

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