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Jurassic Park FPS...By a Fan

By MrJenssen17-03-2013

A few months ago, we reported on a video showing off a CryEngine 3 mod allowing players to run around as a Raptor. Well, it seems we weren't the only ones who saw this video. Some fan is now making another Jurassic Park game in CryEngine 3. Jurassic Park: Aftermath, it is called. According to the developer, it is set a few weeks after the events of the first movie, and is apparently a First Person Shooter. Textures are done by this one modder, but he credits CrynoSaurs, the same guys we reported on back in January, for the AI of the raptors.

"Several weeks after the incident at Jurassic park and while the Costa Rican government is arguing with park funders Ingen to firebomb the island. You are sent to recover valuable data but as you arrive, rival company BioSyn has already made similar plans. Something has survived..."

What you see in the embedded video above, is what this guy has done in only three weeks. Can you imagine where it could go from here?

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My biggest fear for this project - some boring studio exec using his legal guns to shut it down.