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Junction Point Closes – Spector’s Future Uncertain

By NeonAnderson30-01-2013

Eurogamer has confirmed the rumours that Junction Point is closing its doors and letting go of all of its roughly 200 staff. The studio was created by Warren Spector, most known for Deus Ex, and was responsible for the making of Epic Mickey on the Wii.

As JC Denton would say "What a shame."

It is also safe to assume that we probably will not be receiving anymore Epic Mickey sequels, nor Epic Mickey 2 for the PC. Disney has also confirmed that Warren Spector will not be staying with Disney and thus he will have to find new opportunities elsewhere.

While the job loss of 200 people, including Warren Spector, is never good news. We, as gamers, can only look at the bright side and hope for the best. Perhaps Warren Spector will make his way back to making great PC games again like he once did with Deus Ex.

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That's what you get for being a console loving traitor :p

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JcDent needs to comment on this :P