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Judge the Junk

By Bobfish01-09-2013

What's all this junk?! It...it's monstrous! Some monstrous news for Linux and Mac that is. The increasingly popular Pixel Junk series is moving its latest iteration, Pixel Junk Monsters, across to the Linux and Mac platforms, and they need your help.

"We are looking for beta testers for the upcoming Mac and Linux versions of PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate. We want to make each version of the game amazing and we would really appreciate some input from our key influencers to make sure it's the best that it can possibly be!

If you'd like to take part, please sign up here:


That's some pretty sweet news right there. The game initially launched across PC markets last week (August 26th), moving across so soon should stand as immediate testament to how well received it has already. It also shows the increasing popularity of Mac (which is already pretty well established) and Linux as gaming platforms. Whilst there are some who may deride this change, I (as an admittedly biased Mac user) am all for it. Wider release opportunities means more people playing games. And that is always good in my book.

On top of this, there's already been a patch to address some issues identified with the PC release that have come to light. Putting aside the inevitable complaints that there should be stricter Quality Assurance to prevent things like that arising so quickly, the speed with which these problems were addressed is commendable.

1.     Several edge case crashes have been resolved
2.     An issue where sometimes users could not connect in an online room has been fixed
3.     Online lag has improved in a number of situations
4.     Keyboard support has been added for toggling AI Easter Egg and displaying level progress across difficulties (Press and hold F1 on stage select screen)
5.     Improved compatibility with certain Shader Model 2 graphics cards
6.     Other minor bug fixes and improvements

This Junk is here to stay.


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