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Johnny Gat Nekkid

By Endzville18-07-2013

After an image announcing the return of series favourite Johnny Gat was posted on Twitter, Saint's Row fans were alternating between rejoice and confusion after the character's return seemed doubtful following the events of Saint's Row The Third. Well, this trailer doesn't really explain how in hell he's back, but no doubt they have some kind of ridiculous reason up their sleeve. Either way, this should delight longtime fans of the series, particularly as the character's voice actor, Daniel Dae Kim, also confirmed his reprisal of the row alongside the rest of the impressive cast.

Saint's Row IV will be upon us on August 20th in North America, and the 23rd everywhere else. Between that time we'll no doubt be seeing more trailers released and, according to the Twitter feed, there's also a panel scheduled for San Diego's Comic Con in two days time which is called - I shit you not - Saints Row 4 Super Dangerous Wub Wub Panel, which a mixture of developers and voice actors will be attending. If anything interesting comes up in this Super Dangerous Wub Wub Panel (gotta say it twice to emphasise my amusement), we'll keep you posted.

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Did I see blood on his crotch?!

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Gat's back because...he's Johnny freaking Gat!

Fuck Pierce