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John Riccitiello Joins the Unity Technologies as CEO

By zethalee27-10-2014

Pop quiz: how many of you remember EA in the mid-2000s? You know, the one that released titles like Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and so on? My guess is not enough, with more than a few of us choosing to remember the EA of late, one marked by Battlefield 4's launch woes, SimCity's committing suicide by press, and some community issues with features missing from the latest Sims installment. This, in turn, has lead to the souring of many gamer's opinions of one John Riccitiello, once COO before becoming CEO of Electronic Arts during this time period, before leaving the company in 2013.

He has returned, not in the form of a game company, but leading a company that helps others make games, Unity Technologies. For those not in the know, Unity is a game making suite used for assembling and designing both 2D and 3D games. Though it lacks the power that the Unreal Development Kit and Unreal Engine 4 boast, it's certainly an accessible, adaptable tool that has been used in creating a wide variety of games, and certainly some that you wouldn't expect.

It will be interesting, then, to see how Riccitiello shapes Unity's future as a company, particularly taking into account his numerous business contacts and relationships into account. Seeing as he's been instrumental in getting companies such as Oculus and Will Wright's Synertainment. It's clearly far too early to tell how his influence is going to shape the company, but it's certainly something to watch in the future.

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Posts: 9

Well at least I can make fun of his name again

Posts: 3290

What does Crysis have to do with it? Did Riccitiello, like, tell Cervat to make them shit? I doubt it. Since hs's a bigger dick than Riccitiello could ever be in even his wildest dreams

Posts: 39

Sorry, the dull affair that was Crysis 2 and the unsatisfying Crysis 3 basically wiped the entire game series from my memory.

Posts: 1317

Man you forgot to mention Crysis. I quit.

Posts: 3290

You know, I'm not saying the guy hasn't been a total tool at times, but I am going to say. A lot of people forget just how much he did for EA when they really needed it. He's said some mind numbingly stupid things to be sure. He also made some incredibly canny business decisions. Can't help but admire him for that at least. Credit where credit is due. In his earlier days at EA he quite probably saved the company and made it one that we actually wanted to give money to...almost. I always feel like he was just another of those cult of personality, believe his own hype kinda' guys. Did so many things that went right, he lost focus and the ability to realise that he could also do things that were wrong.. So honestly, I do think this is going to be to Unity's long term benefit