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Joe's in Real Danger

By Bobfish25-12-2013

At approximately midnight last night, UK time, the @hellogames Twitter was abuzz with some truly devastating news. Their office, and much of the surrounding area in Guildfoird, also in the UK, was flooded. Their most recent tweet, which appears to have gone out bang on midnight, shows a level of nobility that brings tears to the eyes.

"Leaving now and letting firemen to help real people (all the houses around us with kids and xmas) - rather than us drowning to save a hdd :)"

We here at Pixel Judge send out our deepest condolences for the loss and firmly appluad you for your actions. That was a truly noble thing you did guys. Stay safe.


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Posts: 1317

He took it hard? Should he have taken it flaccid instead? O.o

Posts: 3290

Joe took it really hard didn't he. I guess he just couldn't handle the stress anymore :(

Posts: 1317

Well that's a bummer.